Pro’s & Con’s of Being an Escort

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The woman was a recent graduate of University who had studied interior design. Escorts based in Birmingham and aged close to twenty-five years-old, the woman said she’d been in the industry as a teenager when she left school to go to work at a well-known brothel in the area. After admitting that she’d had a nervous breakdown in the past, which had caused her to abandon the fashion industry for almost nine months, she said she was now back in Birmingham, planning to study further and possibly retire in June. She’d recently been offered an opportunity by an escort agency to go abroad and work as an “escort” in one of its many rooms. And that she had accepted.

Describing herself as “a very bad mood”, the woman told how she’d first come across the online classified ads for an escort agency sometime last year. She’d found an ad that called for “a sexy, mature blonde” with photographic references and details of previous experience. The reference in particular was vague: “She’s experienced in sexual services”. The agency wanted her to represent it as a reputable company that would provide her with clients in high demand and required that she call in once a week during working hours.

The woman had no previous experience of being an escort or of being a call girl. She was therefore quite nervous when approaching her first client. She’d told how she felt she should have been more prepared for what she was about to do: “I don’t know how to act around guys, I’ve never done it before and the feeling was really weird when I first called to say I was available.” Yet she’d done it anyway.

The woman explained how she’d heard that being an escort is something you can do in your spare time. Since she didn’t think she’d have time to commit to it, she just searched for legitimate escort agencies online to find one that matched her requirements. Eventually she discovered one in her local area and applied to become an escort to help her make some extra money.

She explained to her boyfriend that she wanted to find a way to supplement his income, since he was already doing quite well financially. He suggested she look for jobs in the sex industry. Several women approached her, all of whom said they were willing to do escort work – she contacted one of them and was subsequently hired by this woman as an escort. She said she’d do another prostitution attempt soon after.

The woman thought she’d get lucky. Unfortunately, there were several things she overlooked that led to her disappointing experience. First, the woman said she needed to register with a dating site to be able to use an escort service. This turned out to be a huge con because an escort’s profile generally does not include pictures. Next, she said her driver would be driving her around, but he didn’t show up. And finally, when she got to the hotel, one of the escorts tried to force her into having sex with him, calling her repeatedly and acting as if he owned the hotel.