Best escorts in England are those working in London

Best escorts in England are those working in London

When you hear the term ‘escorts in England’, what comes to your mind? For me its always London escorts. As they are the highest class escorts in the whole of England. Moreover, the best London escorts can be found advertising on Strictly speaking, an English escort is a female prostitute. But this is not true. There are a lot of exotic escorts in England which do not necessarily smoke, drink, or have pierced piercings or tattoos. These women are referred to as “escorts without attitude”, or “escorts with attitude”. They are well-groomed, modest and professional.

When they arrived in the UK, many of these brand new escort ladies had not even been to a pub to celebrate their first night. It was a very brave move on their part because in their country, being an escort is not considered a good thing. In their homeland, being a smoker or drinking makes you a tramp, a ‘shrew’ or a ‘slob’.

In other words, in England, being branded as an ‘impatient’, ‘unprofessional’, or ‘reluctant’ is a death sentence. To be an English escort, one must show guts and bravery. Otherwise, no agency would bother employing them, let alone offering them a good paying contract. These are tough times financially for all escort agencies, but especially for those who want to serve as a foot soldier for their country’s army.

So how did these brand new male escorts arrive at their current state? Many agencies use online dating sites to find potential new partners for their male escorts in England. These agencies also look through popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. This method has proven to be highly effective, as many people in England have fake Facebook and MySpace accounts, which they use to try and contact fellow escorts in England.

Once a potential new ‘scout’ is matched with an agency, he/she will start undergoing ‘tour’ trips. These tours usually last between one and three days, and often include stops at local tattoo parlors, gentlemen’s clubs, sex shops, pubs and other hotspots where men can ‘watch over’ another while wearing sexy escorts outfits. Escort agencies then try to gauge if the new groom-to-be is the type of person they are looking for. If they are not, they move on to a different person.

There are escorts in England who have chosen to have temporary body piercings and tattoos as well. Sometimes they are not even real piercings, but just fun things that can be worn during the day. Other times, the person might have a real big name tattooed on his body, but chooses to wear silly little spice racks instead. Whatever the case may be, there are escorts in England who are open to allowing men with no social smoking background to have piercings and tattoos of their own, whether they are small large, plain, or exotic. They just need the proper guidance and encouragement.